Zen Architecture

Vibration is life; the colours, the sounds, the shape of the space, the interaction of the magnetic fields create vibrations, movements between one level and the other of energy, starting from the infinitely small are going beyond the infinitely large multiverse in which we are immersed in a jumble of vibrations that interacting each other. The more, these vibrations are in sync with each other, the more they support and amplify, allowing us to enjoy emphatically in unison, amplified through our inner emotional tuning fork.

The human arts all tend to seek synchronous vibration, science itself, by applying experimentation and conscious verification through the repeatability and predictability of the studied event, explains to us every single component of this puzzle and, day after day, with meticulous patience, allows us to progress and get closer to the global vision.

Of all the arts, architecture and sculpture are the most material and linked to our action space, less ideal than music, literature, dance, painting and cinema, they contribute realizing harmony in the space that surrounds us and are the means that let us hover in more powerful vibrations. If we are surrounded by a space made up of harmonious and simple forms, our potential to concentrate increases and with it also our potential to understand what surrounds us and in what kind of universe we are immersed.

The biology that surrounds us creates fanciful shapes that seem absolutely free and not mathematical but any shape is actually the result of fractal operations, that is, by repetitions of basic and very simple symmetrical patterns. When you assemble and partially look at the general shape, you cannot understand it but it is an expression of a perfect algorithm.