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January 2015

From this Eaven corner, located on the southern coast of Kenya, in an unspoilt area nearby the border with Tanzania, we have taken care of every detail of the project and followed the realization of the intervention on site. MyArching team was able to express all its skills by taking care of urban planning, plant engineering and structural design. We also took care of the architectural design and designed most of the furniture, handcraft by local artisans, specially created for this small luxury resort in close contact with the beach. The 6 villas, made with local materials with Makuti roofs, accommodate 14 suites built in a style that integrates the Swahili architecture revised and integrated by intertwined tribal experimentation with a contemporary and essential style that makes this resort a unique place. The decorations of the doors and windows (the traditional maridadi) merge with reticular structures made up of casuarina trunks that create an enchanted forest effect in the SPA. A holiday at "The Ocean Spa Lodge" can explain exactly how MyArching team knows to capture the essence of the place and turn it into something tangible and exciting. as well as a source of income for the investor.

La Spiaggia della piscina laguna
Water Sport Building
L'Oceano e la piscina laguna