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The true wealth of life: TIME

Today I let myself go to philosophical considerations but, somehow, as usual for our Blog, they are also linked to the theme of housing and real estate investment.

If we analyze neutrally the values ​​and relationships that humans trace in the wake of their lives, we will discover that our common denominator is the time that flows in a single direction within this universe. We are all synchronized at the same speed and therefore for all of us the time has an identical value, because we have only a finite quantity available, even if unknown.

Money and material things conventionally measure the work of each of us but are only a tool to give value to time. What is the job if not an exchange of time that is dedicated to others and then from its proceeds to take time to dedicate to us.

The pursuit of happiness and serenity in facing life are all measured on the satisfaction we derive from using our time in activities that give us back the endorphins that make our time pleasant and rewarding and that makes us feel fulfilled.

Doing a job that satisfies is already a result granted to a few, doing it with passion and finding a way to realize it is a subjective and variable path like the thousand aspects of life. The measure of success in life is not in the amount of money that accumulates (which as time is relative and subjectively different for each of us) but rather on the use that the money obtained from this barter has allowed us to make of our time, to make it satisfying for us and for those we love.

We cannot find a valid formula for everyone to identify what is an intelligent way of using money to transform it into time that produces satisfying endorphins and that in the final balance of our lives let the result of the equation hang on the positive; surely we can assert that you invest your time to get endorphins that make it satisfying for as long as possible.

Having accumulated a bit of capital and investing it in a property that allows us to satisfy our thirst for positive endorphins on several fronts without having to spend more time to get more and more scarce and precious endorphins moments can certainly be a smart solution.

If then this investment solution allows you to draw endorphins as well as time to dedicate to yourself, success is double and guaranteed.

Our project L'Agora Resort allows you to achieve this goal and combine investment and fulfillment in a "win-win" solution as well as keeping your capital unchanged even for those who will follow your time.

It is no coincidence that the Agorà will put in place an endorphin kitchen to satisfy your desires as well as a menu of rhythmic massages to allow you the pampering you deserve.

If you visit the project now and decide to invest in it, you can earn even more happy time, as you will also take the investor's time and then earn more endorphins to take advantage of with the resort's services that will satisfy you with happy time in a home you own as a sovereign in your little kingdom.

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