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Home, sweet Teatre!

Living in a harmonious environment is a shared and obvious aspiration that can be deepened in many respects.

The place where your home stands must bring out protective and inclusive feelings that open to the comparison between inside and outside.

Knowing what are the activities and perspectives in which you intend to develop your way of being has fundamental importance to organize the scene where the action will take place.

The architect plays the role of the set designer, the engineer is the manager of the theatre, the one that allows the set designer to run the environments. Together they assist the stage director, helping to ensure that the resources available are used to the best and are suitable to inspire the actor on the stage to self-identify into the storytelling.

She can move everywhere she wants!

Our help consists in providing the director with a bouquet of choices that will allow the actors to improvise and guide the action towards the objectives that the director has set

But who is the director of your home and who are the actors? Obviously, it's you and your family and it could not be otherwise!

It is said that the freelancer is the intellectual harlot "ante literam", to express the concept that the architect satisfies the client's wishes, even in an excessive way for the sole speculative purpose and for his own advantage.

I would redevelop this distorted and masculine vision (both for the comparison and for the consideration of prostitution) pointing out that the purpose of following the desire is to make the scene tangible, so that the customer can virtually experience the consequences that entail the initial pleasure and, when placed before the real choice, can take a conscious decision.

In the next articles will follow some scenarios and strategies that we will make available to make any decision an informed decision.

Let us remember, however, that every property has its own soul that reflects its history and orients its possible future. Each property is different from any other and even the contemporary prefabrication processes have not scratched the individual essence of the house in expressing the personality of those who live it.

This variety of interpretations helps the universe to be a place full of colours and diversity that makes it attractive and worthy for being experienced!

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