Estate Organization and management

The approach philosophy that MyArching suggests to its customers, when they face the restructuring or reconversion of their property, is to consider the event, not as a problem but rather as a series of actions to be planned to face the situation and make decisions on the right side.

The right decision is the beacon that will guide our action. The decision can be considered right when, analyzed among different solutions, it is effective in answering our questions, or at least manages to summarize in its proposal the greater percentage of affirmative answers compared to others, in a context of counterbalance and evaluation of any single factors in the contest. Ask yourself some questions and do not leave them unexpressed. This is the purpose of all MyArching technicians who act as "facilitators". The client is the actor of the design process, because only he knows goals and needs that drive him. This approach is at the heart of the participatory planning that we implement. We give the client the tools to evaluate what can be done and leave the choice to him through an objective evaluation tool that we offer as an analysis tool.

This process is reflected in each of our procedures, including those of selecting the services offered to our customers in our internet pages:


these are the phases that characterize every MyArching proposal and that allow to make informed decisions.